Awareness Generation Programme for Rural and Poor Women: The Central Social Welfare Board is implementing this programme with the aim of creating awareness in the community on issues relating to status, rights and problems of women.


Gayatri Educational & Cultural Society has started unique program for citizens of our country. Human Resource is the basic resource of our society. We Gayatri Education & Cultural Society has shown its great interest in making every person aware of the importance of health. We have sent our Volunteers to different areas of Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan to help People affected with different health problems. We have organised awareness campaigns for kids, kala azar, Dengue, Malaria & dysentery in differnt villages. These camps also included free health checkup like Glaucoma, Cataract & other types of tests such as Sugar, B.P. etc.


A programme on street children / working children was organised by the society on labour day. In this programme the voluntary aware the public about street children / working children and told them about labour act. The society has organized various camps at District of Haryana, M.P. & Delhi State for the welfare of women and child labour in the variousvillages and towns. The President of the society speaks about the value of the women and child in the community. He also describes various rules of the rights of women which is the matter of great concern for all of us.


Gayatri Educational & Cultural Society, organised drug eradication programmes at district of haryana, Delhi & M.P.State, aimed at raising awareness about the bad affects of alcoholism and drinking. The Volunteers of the society went into the villages to raise consciousness about the effects of smoking and drinking and use of tobacco. Help of posters and banners was taken to make the presentation. It was demonstrated that thousand's poeple die every year because of the use of tobacco and other like things.


To make women aware of their rights. To make them strong by making them aware of the govt. policies for their upliftment and to motivate and involve more and more women social workers from the grass-root level, in the year 2012, Gayatri Educational & Cultural Society, has organised camps on different socio-economic aspects through Community development programmes, income generating activities through Self Help Groups and Leadership Development training with the help of ecperienced Resource persons of different Voluntary social organization in different projects areas at JHAJJAR DISTRICT .


Darkness of illiteracy specially in the rural areas is engulfing the expected development of the population causing uncountable crises to the lives of the people. About 37% of the population of the state is still engrossed in the darkness of the illiteracy. Unless one has the knowledge of the 3Rs, all round dvelopment of an individual is not possible. To solve this problem we have dstarted the program of Adult Literacy in different districts of the State mainly in the district of Haryans, Delhi, Madhya pradesh and rajasthan State Adult Literacy programmes is a very significant role to play in the development and overall promotion in appropriate conditions, which may develop entrepreneurial talents in the need people, especially women folk.In different centres night schools have been set up where both male & female adults are imparted with basiceducation that has good coordination with the usual activities of real life along with skill development programmes.


The Majority of country's population depends on livelihood derived from natural resources; land, forest, crops, water and minerals etc. The continued degradation and diminution of these resources threatens the economic and social security of individuals, cmmunities and stated, as well as the intricate web of ecological, social, economic and cultural relations that binds global community. As farmers lose the ability to produce and raise live-stock due to environmental degradation and insecure land tenure, as communities depended on forest see them destroyed as drought parchs previously productive areas, urban centres sell with millions of destitute migrants who join the growing ranks of the underemployed.


An awareness generation camp was organised by Gayatri Educational & Cultural Society, at District Haryana & Tikamgarh District of Haryana & M.P. State. 150 Women and girl participants joined this camp. Legal expert were invited in this camp for the discussion on various laws and acts made for women and girl participants joints this camp. Legal expert were invited in this camp for the discussion on various laws and acts made for women and girls. Local issues like child-marriage re-marriage, prostitution, feticides, aids, child Labour, dowry system extra were discussed. Arrangements were made by the organization for videos shows visit of local police station jail and court for the participants.


Supplementary to 120 rural poor children's of 10 different villages are being benefitted. Their practical and theoretical intellectual are being developed through this programme and their performance in the school is also improved.

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