With the aim of striving "Sustainable world with gender equality" Gayatri visualizes itself as a dynamic organisation and an informed world-wide NGO community. The next dexade will enable the marginalized rural women and children to achieve their socio-economic and personal status in the society through their empowerment.


Establishing a fully functional, community owned, decentralized system which can help and empower the community at large. This system should be at all levels to ensure simultaneous action on a wide range of determinants such as health, water, sanitation, education, nutrition, training, technical teaching, social & gender equality and others.


The objective is to build up a civil society based on principles of egalitarianism / social equality & to develop capacity among community members especially Farmers, women and children for their own development. The society is committed towards by making a sustainable difference in life of the underprivileged.

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